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The main point of this challenge is fun, you can follow the prompt as little or as much as you would like. The main objective here is to get you drawing or working on an art based projects inspired by this creature. Please only submit finished artworks here or works of art that are completed as desired in this form. If you want to share wips you can on instagram, facebook and twitter with #MonthlyMythDOS you can also share them on the Creative_Peeps discord in the channel #monthly_art_challenge .. At the end of the month we will be looking over entries and sharing them on live stream and on this site in a slide show. due to this please keep your entries SFW and TOS. There are no winners and we will not be critiquing work. Lets just have a good time and learn about strange myths of our past and create art while we are at it.

Submissions can be turned in on discord to be a part of the monthly Myth Reveal which is hosted LIVE on Twitch. If you want to submit your work outside of the reveal you can on such sites as Instagram, Youtube, or Tiktok. There is also an audio created for use on these platforms if you submit a vod or reel.


You can redeem a critique on stream with viewer points (before the monthly reveal stream) or enter it in the critique area in the discord. We do this as to encourage change to the work before finishing your work. When submitting your work for critique we encourage your peers to also be a part of the critique. So do keep in mind to take advice given as loose suggestions. As artists we all have different ways of approaching our art.

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