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My Mediumship Services

Thanks for learning more about the spiritual services in which I provide. Some of these services can only be conducted in person while others can be done online. Please feel free to contact me to ask more about any of the services or to book with me if the button or link above seems to not be work for you. You can contact me at 307-361-8110 or through my email at

3 Card Pull

I have several decks in which I pull from. In the 3 card pull it will point out things that need to be healed presently in your life. We are all on a journey and if the universe points things out sometimes we can be made more aware of the things that are in need of healing.

Full Card Reading

I pull from several decks to give you a message from the universe. This can be a long conversation or it can be a quick one mattering on what the universe has to say to you, to help you along your healing journey.

Spiritual Aura Cleansing

Learn how to cleanse your own energy and aura to start your own ritual of keeping your own energy flowing and safe. Remove attachments, harmful entities and negative energies. Once you get more into understanding your own energy better identify blocks and determine planted seeds and thoughts sent to us by our selves as well as others.

Dream Analysis

Give me a detailed dream and I will break it down and help you try to figure out the hidden messages inside those dreams are along side of you. Your sub-conscience might be speaking to you or your spirit team. lets figure out what they are attempting to tell you.

Beyond the Vail Communication

Connection and communication to those that have passed. Our loved ones are still here they just cant talk to us in the same way. Let me be the translator between you and your loved ones.

Rune Reading

Connecting to your emotions and intentions you will be allowed to ask a series of yes or no questions. I connect in this way to make sure you are remain balanced during the conversation with spirit.

Spiritual Guidance

Some people just need to know what is going on or how they can connect again with themselves. During this session we discuss topics that might other wise be kept hidden such as supernatural occurrences a client has experienced. I can share my knowledge and experiences as well as ask my spirit guides to help us gather answers if we need a farther prospective.

Energy Home Cleansing

Learn how to build a temple to keep your energy safe and how to remove foreign energy and entities. This is more than sagging an area it is protection and removal that you will learn and hopefully carry through out your entire life.

Death Doula

This is like a midwife for birth but instead it is to assist in the transformation out of this world and into the next. I will help clients work on removing stress about the dying process when it comes to legacy work, companionship, paperwork, organization and grieving processes. All the while, keeping their religious preferences in mind.

Healing through Art

Art is a window in to the subconscious mind and soul. Art sessions are either lead or observed in order to unlock the message we are attempting to release to ourselves as well as the world through this expression. Art takes many forms such as writing, music, 2D art, 3D art etc. Lets explore the mind and soul together

What Our Clients Say


Cassie AKA Dead

Our clients have verbally told us their stories of healing but none have come forward to have us put their stories in writing. So nothing yet lol, but I am sure when they want to share their stories on how our services helped they will be just as beautiful as their journeys.
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