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About Cassie AKA Dead

Spiritual Medium, Artist & Certified Death Doula

I want to help the world grow and spread the ripples of change. Through my mediumship I hope to make connections for those that maybe unable to do so. Through my art I hope to inspire passion and growth in others. Through my Death Doula Certificate I hope to help others make their experience and transition out of this world more beautiful and pleasant experience. This is not the end, we are here to learn and  grow.

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My Story

Hi my name is Cassie aka Dead, I have been a spiritual medium from a very young age. I had the ability to see and communicate with spirits as well as oracle visions. I however grew up in a family that said this was normal as mediumship ran in my family but I was not allowed to share my gifts with the world. I was taught not only to hide them but to wall off from my gifts by those around me including my family. I had had several spiritual awakenings as the universe attempted to keep me connected as I always knew I had a calling. The one in 2020 being the most profound awakening and one I could no longer ignore. This awakening, unlike others, caused me to change my entire life and go through several ego deaths as I slowly began to build a foundation again for my abilities and to trust myself and to become myself once again.


I am finally ready to start sharing my gifts with the world so I find myself now offering services such as Rune readings, card readings, energy cleansing to remove foreign energies from the aura, home cleansing, spiritual guidance and death doula services. Some I will be doing online while others will only be provided locally to my area.


As I feel more comfortable I will be offering more services as my abilities not only continue unlock but grow. I know I can do so much more, at one point I could, but society has caused so much trauma that I need to heal and grow with the support of a community. I am hoping this experience will let me know that it's ok to be who I have always been.


If you would like to contact me to ask an questions about my services, products, designs etc.


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