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This is Comic #3 in the series WarDreams written and illustrated by "Dead" from DeadOn Studios.


32 pages of story content printed in standard comic size. This issue is rate T and as always we recommend a parent reads through.


About WarDreams: War Dreams is a comic book that "Dead" started when she was 18 years old... Now 15+ years later, she has grown so much as an artist and she still has this amazing story about a conflicted teen to share. Zoe is thrown into a fantasy world made up of not only her imagination but everyone that dreams. She must reconnect with each part of herself to escape but finds there is a deeper reason for her confinement.


The original story was about a young boy with quite a different personality. This new girl is stubborn and is taking my story for a ride as she refuses to fit perfectly into its foundation. I hope that you find the love for the WarDreams story like I have and join me on this journey as the story unfolds. :)

WarDreams (Issue #3)

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