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Professional high quality print, printed on 8.5X11 Premium Glossy Photo Paper, printed with Dye Inks. This art piece was created by "Dead" and is an original creation and design. Art Print comes with a chipboard backing and a plastic sleeve for protecting the print. 


The original artwork was hand drawn digitally in Clip Studio Paint


This is an original concept of the mythology the Oni which means Japanese Demon. The mythology talked about how this myth was neither bad nor evil. So I thought I would create a piece that reminded me of a personal conflict that I see as a spiritual medium. When souls are lost they attack any light that they come across as to feed themselves. They are sometimes completely unaware of the harm they do as they might not know that the light they are seeing is connected to another soul or a living person. They are lost in the darkness and attempting to survive they know not what they do.


Multi Discount  on 2 or more Medium Prints

Oni (OC)

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