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Professional high quality print, printed on 8.5X11 Premium Glossy Photo Paper, printed with Dye Inks. This art piece was created by "Dead" and is an original creation and design. Art Print comes with a chipboard backing and a plastic sleeve for protecting the print. 


The original artwork was hand drawn digitally in Clip Studio Paint


This is an original concept of the mythology Faun which are beings that live in woodland areas and or plains. They are calm natured and loving creatures. I wanted to create a piece that talks about loving yourself in your natural state. Self love can be hard but it can be beautiful too. I added imperfections to her but kept her features kind and comforting. I wanted a piece that reminded me that I can love all the natural states of myself and others as often most people do not look as closely as we do.


Multi Discount  on 2 or more Medium Prints

Faun (OC)

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