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Professional high quality print, printed on 8.5X11 Premium Glossy Photo Paper, printed with Dye Inks. This art piece was created by "Dead" and is an original creation and design. Art Print comes with a chipboard backing and a plastic sleeve for protecting the print. 


The original artwork was hand drawn digitally in Clip Studio Paint


This is an original concept of the mythology Chalkydri. Chalkydri lives on the same plane of existence as the phoenix. Its role is to rise with the sun to help alert the birds to sing in the morning. It was described as an angelic beast that is made of light, has 12 wings, the head of an alligator and the body of a lion. I wanted to create it to feel elegant and peaceful, I hope I pulled it off.


Multi Discount  on 2 or more Medium Prints

Chalkydri (OC)

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