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Tutoring, Demos, Classes and More

Cassie Gobbo started her teaching career early by volunteering at headstart while attending junior high. She had always wanted to be a teacher. She was a "Student Tutor" while attending college and had planned to get her masters to teach college level courses. Later deciding to work professionally in the industry. Yet she still had a passion for teaching so she found her self teaching "Emotional Drawing" to women in a halfway house, teaching them how to use drawing as a tool for healing. She then got picked up by Ecel learning in Denver Colorado an after school tutoring company, as a youth instructor in "Stop Motion Animation." Since the relocation of DeadOn Studios and the Gobbo family, Cassie has taught "Drawing Animals", "Drawing super heroes" and "How to draw manga." She also did a teaching demo in alcohol marker processes to "The Brush and Pallet" group here locally in Grand Junction Colorado. Most recently she has been tutoring out of our studio for more of a one on one experience. She is teaching "Traditional Animation" on an 18 day course set to once a week classes.

If you would like to learn more about classes, demos, or tutorings we offer and prices, please email us at with the subject classes.

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