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A truly macabre design―a tarot deck in the shape of the coffin! 


(DeadOn Studios will only have the 2 decks avaible and then will not be carrying anymore of these. As this deck is not about finding balance between the light and darkness within. That being said this is not a recommended deck for everyone and once sold this deck will not be restocked.)


The Macabre Tarot tempts you to turn away from the light and embrace the dark. While following the traditional tarot structure, the deck takes a look at the darker sides of the cards and implores you to embrace all the spooky things that lurk in the shadows. You will be pushed down the rabbit hole of your own psyche and forced to face your darkest thoughts. This unique deck is based on the traditional Rider Waite system but with suites being Crystals, Cups, Bones and Daggers.


Be warned: this deck is not for the lighthearted or weak-spirited.

Macabre Tarot

SKU: 9781925946734
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