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This is an import from the UK... So limited supply on this! This might be a rare and beautiful gift for a loved one or for yourself. I fell in love with the spooky yet cute look of this teddy bear.


On a night when the souls of our nearest and dearest departed are remembered and celebrated, faces are painted and music is played to express our love. This beautiful plush bear is decorated with a spooky sugar skull face and skeletal shapes in her fur to commemorate dia de los muertos! Collectable soft plush toy is made of 100% polyester, not suitable for babies and toddlers.


-Teddy Bear as a Symbol- Friendship and companionship. For many children, teddy bears become their best friends and constant companions. Teddy bears are often given as gifts between friends to signify the strength and importance of their bond.


-Skeleton as a Symbol- The appearance of the skeleton in tales and rituals represents not the end of life but rather coexistence with death, which cannot be detached from life.


-Sugar Skull as a Symbol- brightly colored skulls represent the departed souls in the circle of life. “It's to celebrate their lives,”

Day of the Ted - Collectable Soft Plush Toy

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