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Full Card Reading - $45

3 Card Pull - $20

Rune Reading - $30

Spiritual Guidance - $30/hr

Spiritual Aura Cleansing - $50/hr

Energy Home Cleansing - $250

Death Doula - $50/hr or Package Deals

Beyond the Vail Communication - 50/hr

Healing through Shamanistic Art - $60/hr

Dream Analysis - $50


Spiritual Medium, Artist
& Certified Death Doula

Hi my name is Cassie aka Dead, I have been a spiritual medium from a very young age. I had the ability to see and communicate with spirits as well as oracle visions. I however grew up in a family that said this was normal as mediumship ran in my family but I was not allowed to share my gifts with the world. I was taught not only to hide them but to wall off from my gifts by those around me including my family. I had had several spiritual awakenings as the universe attempted to keep me connected as I always knew I had a calling. The one in 2020 being the most profound awakening and one I could no longer ignore. This awakening, unlike others, caused me to change my entire life and go through several ego deaths as I slowly began to build a foundation again for my abilities and to trust myself and to become myself once again.


I am finally ready to start sharing my gifts with the world so I find myself now working in a Wyoming spiritual shop "Bad Apple Energy"and have begun to change my artist content on twitch, tikok, youtube as well as all of my social medias to include my medium-ship. At first I will be offering services such as Rune readings, card readings, energy cleansing to remove foreign energies from the aura, home cleansing, spiritual guidance and death doula services. Some I will be doing online while others will only be provided locally.


As I feel more comfortable I will be offering more services as my abilities not only continue unlock but grow. I know I can do so much more, at one point I could, but society has caused so much trauma that I need to heal and grow with the support of a community. I am hoping this experience will let me know that it's ok to be who I have always been.

My sites and social media's are going through a shift from art to include my mediumship. So please be advised.


If you are local to the Rock Springs area you can set up an appointment with me by texting me at 307-361-8110.


If you are online you can request readings on twitch, tiktok or discord. Please note not all services can be done online. If you are online please do not text for appointments as the phone number is for local appointments only.

Common Asked Questions

What is a Death Doula?

A "Death Doula" is a person that assists those near end of life, to begin their journey toward the other side. Death is a transformation and one that for most people can be a transformation full of fear, regret and stress. This doesn't have to be the case, as a Death Doula's job is to bring as much comfort as possible, to the individual going through the transformation as well as their beloved family and friends. A Death Doula helps with legacy work projects, assist in end of life protocols, assists in planning vigils, as well as sitting with the person while they take their end of life journey.

Why do you go by "DEAD"?

I first started my company back in 2011, my mentor at the time asked that I pick a company name that was both unique, memorable, and not already taken.  After much soul searching I landed on "DeadOn Studios" This encompassed my personality as a perfectionist  in both a good and bad way. As I was a perfectionist to a fault at times, but it was also something I took pride in. At the time my company was just an art studio and I hadn't ever dreamed that one day I would be called by my company name. Until I became a content creator on twitch in 2018, there everyone went by their usernames and I decided that I too wanted the anonymity of a username as a form of protection as I am a female content creator. I have been going by "Dead" since then, however as I became more open about my Medium-ship I questioned if I should change my AKA? But I have since decided that it is a good way for people to change their prospective on the word "dead". Which is what a Death Doula wishes to do, change the prospective on death and dying. I have been more open to sharing my name openly too though, as a way to bridge the gap between those who feel more comfortable calling me by my first name Cassie. But I still prefer "Dead" and it might be a while before that prospective changes.

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