Our Last Hope (Dragon Amulet)


What is reality any way? What if "our reality"isn't the same as everyone's reality? OLH pushes the limits of a age out question, could there be other realities? Follow 6 young teens as they learn where the lines of fantasy and "reality" are drawn. Keeping in mind that the teens are far from normal. Will the world remain oblivious as war begins between the realms of reality and are the young teens able to stop the hostile take over.

War Dreams


War Dreams is  about Zoe Marshall, a girl who is thrown into a fantasy world made up of not only her imagination, but everyone that dreams. She must reconnect with each part of her self to escape, but finds there is a deeper reason for her confinement beyond her own ailment. Can she conquer a dark force before her time runs out. The first issue is available for purchase in our online shop.

Aden VanWick

Stop Motion Animation

"Aden VanWick" is a stop motion, short film, about an individual's difficult life. Aden Vanwick over comes the odds in this beautiful film.

Death by Zombie

Animated WebSeries

Zombies are SLOW so you would have to be a complete idiot to die by one. Each episode contains a ridiculous comedy death by a zombie. first episode was released in 2011. NEW EPISODES COMING 2019! A whole new look and main character 'Fini" the zombie and "Stan" the human. Watch behind the scenes footage on our Patreon

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What is our studio currently working on?

We are now streaming live on twitch! see us in action as we work on the projects here and more. Studios are full of creative people and we think it is important to feed our creativity and imaginations by taking on our own projects. Below is a list of things we

are working on or have worked on in the past. some have been discontinued but not forgotten. with each in house project we tackle, the more equip to hit our client projects Dead on.


Animated Memes

Children's books

fan art

animated web series


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