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This studio started out with one mind with a supporting force from a beloved mentor in 2011. This mentor motivated the very existence of DeadOn Studios LLC. "Thanks goes out to this great teacher that pushed me, even though I was known to pushed back" That one mind worked tirelessly to build skill and experience determined to have a successful studio. Several years went by and the companies potential finally shined through when one mind became two. Fitting a large piece of the puzzle in place in this studios' solid design. Two minds became one due to the effective team work that we have and drive to self advancement clearly captured in every project. Challenging each other to push beyond design comfort levels to deliver projects that constantly blow away our clients. Leading to a major increase of perfection and quality to every  new creation. As of 2017 our growth is reaching new heights and our studio is finally ready to bring more minds in to our corner. We want to bring true value to our customers and our employees. As our company grows so will the minds that link us as a creative studio and in turn increasing our reach of design.

Our Logo- That is why the octopus is our logo as each artist will become a tentacle and a major piece in our success.  Achievements of a company is never about a single person but about the several individuals that make it work. You maybe thinking, well an octopus is all well and fine but why the mustache and monocle? Back when  both Corey and I were in middle school in to high school 1998-2002 we didn't know each and we lived in separate states. Even through this distance we were attempting in making people laugh by drawing mustaches on our fingers to get through a boring day of class thinking we were being completely original. We chalked it up to our generation all growing up with the game monopoly. We laughed a bit when the fingerstaches became super popular in 2012, and a tattoo artist took claim of its creation in 2003. It is a constant reminder that we humans are all connected in our thoughts and how we create based off of the inspiration of others artwork. It is also a homage to our generation, as we all work to inspire the next blossoming artists.

Hi there, from the DeadOn Studios team. We are glad that you are interested in seeing our work and our company. These are projects that we created while we worked at DeadOn Studios. If you would like to see more from our professional careers please do ask.


These are just some of the projects we were hired to do over the years. Of course we are always able and capable of completing tasks beyond what you see here on this page. Example being power point templates, yes we do them but do people care to see them. Were not to sure about that. :P


You just need to contact us for a quote and we go from there. Most quotes and inquiries will be returned within 24 hours.  If it is not something we can do here in studio we have been known to reach out to our network and find some one that can.


Thanks so much for checking us & our work out we hope to work with you on future projects.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Our Clients Say...

"Cassie is a very intelligent, savvy and creative contributor and subcontracted resource for The Market Element. Cassie is a joy to work with and has consistently produced brilliant creative work that our clients love."

 -The Market Element

"Cassie is a hard working, creative artist with a lot of talent. She is able to quickly understand and create ideas and concepts. During my time working with her, Cassie maintained a professional attitude and completed tasks quickly."

-Motion 9